Sign Hunt

In this video you will see our Dynamite Dragons finding lots of signs around ISM that they can read. We talked about how our reading strategies can not only be used to help us read books, but that we can also use them to help us with world reading connections. Each child got one page in our classroom e-book to say what they saw on their sign walk. They used their reading strategies, the pictures, and the letters they saw to help them understand what the signs were telling them. Take a look and see what each of them found around ISM. 

Reading Buddies The Playful Pets Class

This video was shared with us by our 3rd Grade Buddies class the Playful Pets. 

Meeting Our 3rd Grade Buddies

The Dynamite Dragons today met their 3rd Grade Buddies class the Playful Pets. It was a fun time reading books, singing songs, and talking with our buddies.

Finding Out About Our Wonderings

We were wondering about our class name and wanted to know more about dragons and dynamites.

1. First we came up with questions.

2. Then we use different tools to find our answers.

We Read books.

We used the internet to find a video about dynamites and Komodo Dragons.

And we asked an expert. 

We found out loads about both. This is a picture of what we now know a dynamite looks like and how it explodes due to high pressure. "Kind of like a soda bottle" said a little Dragon.